Monday, August 31, 2009

Hannah & Grammy

We had a family reunion on Saturday for the "Asher" side of the family. Well...I only got one pic from the whole day, but it was a good one!!

Preschool Day 4

Still lovin' Preschool!! Here are some fun pics!
Hannah so proud of what she made! She got to use scissors AND glue! WOW! Both in the same day!! Ha! Ha!
I love picking her up from preschool! She is always totally excited and chatters non-stop! Wouldn't trade places with anyone!! I love being a MOM!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Preschool Day 3

Hannah is still loving preschool! She gets so excited while we are getting ready! All we hear is "Can we leave yet"?, Is it time to go yet"?, "My friends can't wait for me to get there"!! Ha! Ha! She is such a goof ball, I couldn't get her to stand still long enough for pic's today!

Hannah got to make a coupon book at preschool today! She was so excited to give me my surprise! I am anxious to see if these coupons really work!! Ha! Ha!

The kiddos each had to take a pringles can to school last week. This is their "Important Paper's " can that stays in their backpack. They got to color and decorate them with stickers. The teacher checks it each day to see if there are any notes from the parents, and the we check it when she gets home for stuff from the teacher. I thought this was a really cool idea!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preschool Day 2

Hannah got to wear her new light-up sketchers to preschool!! She was so excited to wear her "school shoes"!! Hannah is loving every minute of it and can't wait till the next preschool day!

We had to fill out a paper of "My Favorite Things" and it asked what your favorite TV show was...Hannah picked Phineas And Freb!! Ha! Ha! What a show!! :) Anyway I picked her up from preschool and the first thing she said was we didn't get to watch ANY TV today!! I said well you usually don't at preschool. She said "Well why did the teacher want to know my favorite cartoon then"!!!! Ha! Ha! I guess Hannah thinks its all about her!! Ha! Ha!

Hannah said they learned about the ocean this week! They learned about sea creatures, shells, fish, etc. Her favorite thing was the rainbow fish! They also got to make a fish bowl and glue fish and seaweed on it! She said she had a GREAT Day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Wow! What a busy week for us! Who knew going to preschool would keep us so busy.
Hannah had a blast! She was so excited to tell us all about her day when we picked her up!

Hannah's preschool all the kids get dropped off at the door. The cars line up and your child gets out of the car and goes in Alone! This was a little traumatic for me, but I had to go with the flow. Hannah did great, when I opened her door to let her out I got a little kiss on the cheek and half hug then off she went running full speed ahead. As she was running she hollered back "Bye Mommy"! I just stood there thinking wow look how big my little baby girl is!! So I got in the car and Jeremy started to pull away...Then here come the tears...Lot's and Lot's of tears. Jeremy just kept driving and wouldn't look at me...I think he was trying to be strong for me, but I know he was sad too!

When we went back later to pick her up we were there like 15 min early and the first ones in the parking lot! We just looked at each other and laughed!! We couldn't wait to hear about her day! Once she got in the car, it was like we had a little chatter box the whole ride to McDonald's! We took Hannah out to lunch to celebrate and had a great day together!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Preschool Orientation

OK, before I start...YES I forgot my camera!! UGH!! I know this really made me mad. How could I forget my camera on such an important night in my child's life. I mean what a perfect opportunity to capture some great memories, right!?! Anyway...We had "Story Night" at Hannah's preschool Thursday and she was totally excited!! Hannah got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago from her teacher inviting her to "Story Night". This was a time for the kiddo's to meet their teacher and each other for the first time. They got to see the classroom and play with all the cool stuff! There are 7 girls and 3 boys in her out boys! I already feel sorry for the teacher, drama, drama, drama!! Hannah can't wait for Tuesday to be here...I CAN!!! The closer it gets the knot in my stomach gets bigger and bigger!! Well say a little prayer for us! I need all I can get!! :)