Monday, May 17, 2010

Car Ride Conversation

Well today was interesting to say the just never know what they are going to say!!!

Hannah - Mommy, when will I be big enough to pee from my belly button? (OMG!)
Me - What!?!?
Hannah - You know, like how boys get to pee outside! (Yikes!, Where exactly has she seen this!!)
Me - Well...(silence, trying to figure out what to say)...You won't ever do that since you are a girl because girls and boys are different! (Cringe...maybe not the best thing to say!)...Waiting for what is coming next!
Hannah - You mean ALL boys can pee from their belly buttons!!! Even Daddy!!! (Almost ran off the road at this point!)
Me - (Long, long period of silence)...So what ya gonna do today? (Totally changed the subject...and it worked for now!!!) Whew...knot in my stomach can go away...until next time!!! Lol! :)

Maybe I should prepare for what to say if this same convo comes up again! Help! Any suggestions!!! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Father's Day Present

I don't want to forget...

Hannah brought home Jeremy's Father's Day present on Tuesday. (Since they won't be in school then) She got it out of her backpack to show Jeremy's parents. On the card she made there was a tootsie roll taped to the front. Hannah started to pull the tootsie roll off the card. Jeremy's mom asked what she was doing and Hannah said, "Well, Daddy and I share lots of things so he won't mind if I share this!". Hannah unwrapped the tootsie roll, bit half of it off, wrapped it back up and re-taped it back to the card! HaHaHa!!! What a little stinker!!! At least she shared!!! :)