Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hannah Got Her Ear's Pierced!

Hannah has always said she never wants to get her ears pierced! She said it would hurt to bad and never wanted any part of it...Until. The first day of preschool this year some friends came to school with pierced ears and she decided she wanted hers done also! We explained to her that it does hurt, and that she would have to help take care of them. So, a few weeks ago we went to the mall. We had to leave and walk around the mall 3 times since she kept changing her mind! She finally got brave enough and did it! She cried a little, but it was over before she knew it! After she got them pierced we let her pick out 3 new pairs - rainbows, turtles, and monkey's. She can hardly wait till its time to change them!

She is looking more and more like such a big girl!