Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cold, Long Night

Well we had an interesting night Tuesday. We were without electric and heat from around 12:30am to 6:00am. So around 5am we decided we need to get some stuff packed up to go to Jeremy's mom and dad's house. Freezing, trying to explain to Hannah what we are doing getting her up so early...all she could say was its still dark outside!! We had her totally confused! Finally walking out the door to get in the car the lights come back on!! YAY!! Well... Hannah was mad!! She started to cry and said "I just wanted to go somewhere"! So we tell her we do not need to anymore, but if the lights go off again then we will have to. Then...the lights go off again! Yikes!! Well it wasn't the electric it was Hannah. She flipped off the light switch!! We looked over at her and she said "Now we can go somewhere"!! We just cracked up!!

Sleeping Hannah

We have had lots of trouble with getting Hannah to go to bed at night. She makes every excuse in the book to get out of bed!! Or, she will be real quiet and we look down the hallway and her bedroom light is on. So... the other night the same old routine, right? Nope, we go to her bedroom to tell her to get back in bed and turn off the light and this is what we found...

Hannah sound asleep with her light on reading a book!! Ha! Ha! She fooled us!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hannah and her friends

Hannah wanted me to take a picture of her and all her stuffed animal friends! She had to pile all of them in her tent! She likes to lay in there to watch her "cartoon movies"! What a little sweetie pie!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Alive

Hannah has a new buddy that has to do everything she does! She absolutely loves her Baby Alive. Jeremy and I keep asking what her name is and she looks at us like we are idiots!!...She says "her name IS Baby Alive"!! Then we asked her what she wanted her name to be and she says "I already told you her name is Baby Alive"!! Ha! It is so funny to see what she is going to say next!!

Ok Mom...enough pictures already!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Packpack

Hannah is for some reason right now obsessed with wanting to go to school. She wants to take her Dora "packpack" everywhere! When Aunt Sandy came over the other day she had a "new packpack" that Hannah could not wait to get her hands on! Ha! Ha! Of course she wanted to keep it for herself, but I think it was a little big... Maybe just a little!!

Fun With Aunt Sandy

Hannah and Aunt Sandy having lots of fun with play-doh!!

Hannah thought it was so cool that Aunt Sandy made a snake!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tinkerbell Hannah

Hannah was all dressed up in her princess clothes & Moose shirt from Wyoming, and just had to wear her Tinkerbell wings! This is how she is dressed most days around the house! :) So far she has not asked to wear it out places! Ha! I am just waiting for that! :)

Hannah's Favorite Present

Aunt Sandy got Hannah Tinkerbell wings that light up for Christmas. She absolutely loves them! Thanks Aunt Sandy!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Day

Here are some pics from Christmas Day. Hannah had a blast! She could not believe Santa really ate his cookies and milk. He did leave half a cookie that Hannah had to finish before she could open presents! Ha! :)

Before the chaos begins...

Still shocked at all the gifts...

Now we're getting the hang of it...

OMG! It's the camera...

Daddy showing Hannah how it works...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeding The Reindeer!

Christmas Eve we had to feed Santa's reindeer. Hannah was so excited! We spread food all over the front yard so they would have plenty to eat while the waited for Santa!

Christmas Eve

Here are some Christmas Eve pics from Mamaw & Papaw Asher's house.
The Christmas Tree...WOW...Look at all those presents!

Mamaw, Papaw & Hannah
Xavier & Hannah waiting to open presents
Uncle Tracy & Hannah can't wait to open presents!!
Abby after opening several presents!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Christmas Pictures...

Christmas Pictures!

Leslie did Christmas photos for our family and they turned out great! Thank you Leslie for all your time, patience, and hard work! We love them all!!

Have not posted for a while...

I have been getting A LOT of grief about being so far behind!! I had to have surgery 2 days before Christmas to remove a kidney stone! Ouch! So needless to say for a few weeks I have not felt like doing much of anything! I am doing good now so I plan on catching up the next day or so!