Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun At The Zoo

We went to the zoo last Sunday with Sean, Megan & Addie. Hannah had so much fun telling Addie about all the animals! Here are so pics from our fabulous day!
Hannah was totally wiped out after we got to the car! She was fast asleep after about 10 minutes! :) We all had a great day!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Papaw's Birthday

Hannah helped Papaw celebrate his birthday last Friday. Mamaw made cupcakes and we had to put a candle on one for Papaw to blow out...Well Hannah had to have a candle to blow out also! :)

Hannah also helped me pick out Papaw's Birthday present. He got smiley face stickers, a Hershey chocolate bar, and a Bass Pro Gift Card! (I bet you can't guess what Hannah picked out!) She had lots of fun with Papaw especially when he said Hannah could play with his new stickers!!

Addie was also there to help celebrate...Megan wouldn't let her have a taste of cupcake :(
Sorry Addie I tried!

Then we had a little entertainment. Hannah decided she wanted to teach Addie how to dance! They are so cute!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

We celebrated Jeremy's Birthday with his family last night. We went out to eat then back to the Utz's for ice cream cake! Yum! Hannah could not wait to get her little fingers in the cake! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disney On Ice

We took Hannah to Disney On Ice Sunday with Sean, Megan and Addie. We had so much fun!! Hannah was soo excited to see Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses! Here are some random pics from our fabulous day!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Having Fun

Hannah had so much fun with her friends JD and Maggie! The kiddo's had lots of fun together waiting for the swing set to be built. Their favorite toy was the "Huge Box" the swing set was delivered in! It was so windy it kept blowing all over the yard! :)

Hannah's Swing Set

Well, finally I have time to post some pics! Last weekend we took advantage of the nice weather to "build" Hannah's swing set. It was a job let me tell you! :) Hannah was so excited, every 5 min she was asking if it was done yet! She absolutely loves it!! We had lots of help from or friends and family. Thanks Guys!

Getting Started!

The Guys thought they could do it with no directions!!

Now we are getting somewhere!

Getting Closer!

Looking Good!

All in all everything went pretty smoothly...once the directions were read a little more. All together the project took about 4 hours. Everyone was starved so we grilled out and the kiddo's played. A good time was had by all!! :)