Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hannah & Grammy

Hannah got to spend the night with Grammy & Grandaddy on Saturday. Jeremy an I went to see White Christmas at Derby Dinner. We had so much fun, dinner was really good and the show was great! Grammy took Hannah downtown Corydon to see all the Christmas lights. Hannah loved walking around the courtyard looking at all the pretty lights!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fun With Play-Doh

Hannah got a kitchen play-doh set for her birthday in February. Well I just found it! Ha! I guess I put it up in her closet and forgot about it! OOPS! So we had lots of fun(Jeremy and I had just as much fun as Hannah did!!), I can't believe she is almost 3 and never played with play-doh before! She wants to play with it all the time now! :)

Grandma Utz's Birthday

We went out to eat for grandma Utz's birthday at the Schnitzelbank German restaurant in Jasper. Hannah loved all the decorations and coo coo clocks.

Hannah and Grandma Utz waiting for dinner!

Hannah with her huge ice cream sundae after dinner. She really wanted cake but they only had pie!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mamaw's Christmas Tree

Mamaw getting the tree ready...

Sean putting the lights on the tree...

Hannah playing in the lights Sean is trying to put on the tree...

Hannah decorating the tree...

Christmas Cookie Tradition

We had our 3rd Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Extravaganza!! Our family gets together and we bake all sorts of cookies, candies, etc. We order pizza for dinner and help Mamaw put up her Christmas tree!! We had a blast, I can't wait for next year!! :)

Sandy making Hershey kiss cookies...

Hannah helping mommy put chocolate chips in the cookies...

Megan and I making divinity... Actually Megan was making it and I was watching :)

Kristan sampling her work...

Hannah stirring the cookie dough...

The Christmas Tree

Hannah has been so excited about putting up the Christmas tree! She even had to wear her special Christmas PJ's and ruby red slippers! :)

Hannah helping daddy get the ornaments ready to put on the tree...

Hannah helping daddy put ornaments on the tree...

Hannah inspecting the ornaments. She had to make sure hers were just right!! :)

All Finished!! Hannah was so proud of the tree!

Black Friday

We had so much fun shopping the day after Thanksgiving...

This car was in the parking lot at the mall I thought it was a hoot!!

Our car was packed after the third store!! We had to do some re-aranging to make it all fit.

We finally did it! It took a while but it all fit! Then we had to call Jamie to rescue us. She met us with her car so we could do some more shopping! Thanks Jamie!! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

PB & J

Lunch time was very interesting today. Hannah wanted bread with "stuff" on it! She insisted on doing it herself (like everything else lately!!) She did pretty well except when she was finished she licked the spoon and put it back in the peanut butter...Yuck!! We had to laugh!!

Cowgirl Hannah

Hannah having fun as a cowgirl. Her horses name is Getty Up! Ha! Ha! I think she went round the living room about 20 times! Then she had to rest for about 2 seconds then she was at it again!


Hannah has been begging us for WALL-E since she started to see commercials for it (Just gotta love those commercials...HA!). So we decided she could save up her money to buy it. The deal was if she could go all day with no accidents and no time-outs then she would get a dollar at bedtime...Well we made it for 5 whole days before Jeremy and I gave in SO..she got to buy WALL-E for $5. She was SO EXCITED!! She really likes her dollars! (That must be Jeremy the banker coming out in her...HA! HA!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lazy Day!

We have done absolutely nothing all day!! We have laid around watching cartoons and football! Jeremy would prefer more football than cartoons but its hard for him to say no when Hannah says...Please Daddy!! Hannah still has her PJ's on!! Ha!

Hannah & Adelie

Hannah and Adelie got to spend some time together Friday night. Hannah wanted Adelie to play with her and watch movies in her play room! She can't say Adelie so she calls her Adawee! Ha!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hannah had fun trick or treating. She wanted to be a doctor so Grammy found her some Blues Clues scrubs. She had fun giving everyone check ups with her doctor kit!!


We had a great time at the beach!! This was our first family vacation, just the three of us. Hannah had a blast and can't wait to go back to our "beach house"!! :)

Hannah & Destiny

We had our first trip to Build A Bear! Hannah had lots of fun picking out clothes and getting her dressed!!